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    Bringing You Some EXTRA LOVE

    Chicago Personal Stylist


    Chicago Personal Stylist

    Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!!

    This day brings some extra love that I always hope it carries out throughout the year. But come on, telling people you adore just how much they mean to you…doesn’t get any better!  That being said… THANK YOU for being so incredible. It’s a joy to work with you. I truly mean it!  Sending you so much L O V E today (& always).

    I included a cheesy picture to show my this love :o)

    Also! I’ve had inquiries on how I distress denim at my parties and I want to share the wealth through a video tutorial. I really hope it helps if you’ve been wanting to distress your own denim!




    Painting, patches, and beads are also something so great to do with old denim.  It’s therapeutic, anything goes (there is no right way),  AND you will have denim that no one else will have – a total bonus!

    Enjoy and have such a lovely day.

    Much Love,

    Chicago Personal Stylist


      I have been keeping something from you…..

      I feel like I’ve been holding out on you with this tidbit of knowledge. And yes, as you can see the pictures below, I’m talking about something as simple as a tank top :o)

      I typically like to show fun pieces,  tips on how trends should fit, or where to find a certain piece but have failed to share with you something so basic.

      The MASSIVE benefits of this small item are this:

      *If you wear your shirts and  holes are getting created right where your pant button rubs it. This will prevent that from happening.

      *Try wearing a tank to elongate a top.  You may not be into the crop tops or even ones that skim your pants.  Add a tank underneath to change the look & feel more comfortable


      *A tank (especially the lycra ones!!!!) seem to really hold us in. Whether or not you have anything to “hold in,” wearing something underneath (if your clothing allows) gives your top half a very smooth, beautiful look.


      You may already have in your drawers and wear them, but just last night I had a client that didn’t realize all the tops she could wear when putting a tank underneath (which is what stemmed this email!).

      You know I love to shop local, so in addition to the tanks you can order,  I have also included a link to a store here in Chicago that carries one of my favorites…..Handle With Care


      Sending much love today!!!


      Key Ingredients to “Put-Together” Looks.

      Key Ingredients to “Put-Together” Looks…With Links to My Faves!

      Some of the “pain points” my clients tell me they are struggling with:

      -“I just want to look put-together”
      – “I need clothing that allows me to be comfortable and cute”
      -“A lot of bloggers are in heels and it’s just not me or doable”
      -“I love how “so and so” always has a complete look”
      -The list goes on…

      My hope is to give you a tidbit of information to help you pick out your outfits confidently!
      Like I always say, fit is everything and simply having pieces you love in your wardrobe.  (Toss what isn’t working, but a newsletter coming soon on that).

      Here are my key pieces for easy day-to-day or weekend looks:
      1. A striped tee or a tee with graphics or detail.
      2. A jean that allows you to move and groove. Try a dark grey or color.
      3. An outer layer that could be a sweater, jacket, or vest.
      4. A scarf to bring color/depth to your look.  Or a long necklace.
      5. A sneaker or bootie that is comfy
      Bonus: a nice lip balm/gloss/lipstick  (bring a little color without needing makeup)

      The pieces I’ve picked are to show you my fave items that I think makes a quick, easy, versatile look.  Mix and match is the name of the game!

      Have a great rest of the day.

      With Joy,


      My Tips On Getting Ready For Date Night

      Date nights are incredible and never seem to happen enough.  But when one arises, you want to be ready for it (and feel sassy as well!).

      They always seem to sneak up or you try to fit it in quickly right after work. With the rush of it all, even if it’s on a weekend, it’s still tough to “just throw something on & add lipstick” …and still feel beautiful. Here is a quick run-down of ideas/my thoughts on how to feel fun and pulled together for the date nights with your partner (or your gals).

      Great essentials for any style are:
      A silk blouse  (white or patterned)
      Jazzy earrings
      Your favorite hair product that is travel size
      Black sleeveless turtleneck
      A pencil skirt (floral or black)
      And of course Lipstick
      A black suede booty

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