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Transition Your Wardrobe With These Easy Steps


If you’re in the mood to really deep dive and transition your wardrobe for the warmer weather, I wanted to make it a bit easier for you! (If that mood hasn’t hit yet, just bookmark this for later)!
I’ve listed how I break down the process of a dreamy closet. It makes getting rid of things SO MUCH EASIER after filling out the Fashionably You Q’s.  No one’s judging just gives you an idea and a bit of a nudge to get rid of those pieces that are taking up space.
The goal is to make your mornings a breeze with a clean, easy to see, love-every-piece -kind of closet.  Take it step by step to not overwhelm. Even having a friend over or turning on some great music helps to move and groove!  Good Luck!



Fashionably YOU:





Go Through Each Piece

*Put away the winter pieces (heavy sweaters, etc.)
*Keep the transitional pieces out 



Have Two Bags
Recycle:         Bag 1: Donate   Bag 2: Toss    (A possible 3rd bag for alterations!)


 Make Shopping List: 

Replacements                 Needs                  Something Fun (try a new color maybe)






Organizing (Putting it all back)

Put Pieces In Categories

*matching hangers are best







    -you get the idea


Color code each clothing”section”


Have accessories more accessible and you will wear them more

Chicago Personal Stylist


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