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Mindful Shopping

Chicago Personal Stylist

“But It’s On Sale….”

As the sidewalk sales are plentiful and large sections of stores/boutiques are having big sales, we get so easily tempted to tell ourselves…”oh it’s only X dollars…I’ll get it!!”

Before you hit that GREAT SALE, mindful shopping

And as much as I LOVE shopping, I’m here to tell you to hold off!!  Unless it ABSOLUTELY flatters you and you aren’t just buying it because you’re in the mood, just wanting something new, etc.

I recently read that the average American throws away 81 LBS. of clothing each year… that’s WILD!  And if you’re not tossing, then those unwanted pieces may just be taking up great real estate in your closet/drawers.

Before you hit that GREAT SALE, mindful shopping

Chicago Personal Stylist

This is just a friendly note to challenge you to buy what looks best on you. If there is a new style, color, print you’d like to try that you aren’t sure about, then a sale may be your way to go!
Consider me the stylist bug in your ear really making you think before your next purchase :o)

And I’ve been a victim of many sales, but working on it and wanting to help you out as well!!

Have a stylish, fun week.

Much Love to you,

Chicago Personal Stylist

Do you need help feeling more confident? Want to learn more about styles? I would love to chat with you and see how I can help.  Be sure to visit HERE to see how I can better help you. 

Chicago Personal Stylist

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