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Bringing You Some EXTRA LOVE

Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!!

This day brings some extra love that I always hope it carries out throughout the year. But come on, telling people you adore just how much they mean to you…doesn’t get any better!  That being said… THANK YOU for being so incredible. It’s a joy to work with you. I truly mean it!  Sending you so much L O V E today (& always).

I included a cheesy picture to show my this love :o)

Also! I’ve had inquiries on how I distress denim at my parties and I want to share the wealth through a video tutorial. I really hope it helps if you’ve been wanting to distress your own denim!

 Painting, patches, and beads are also something so great to do with old denim.  It’s therapeutic, anything goes (there is no right way),  AND you will have denim that no one else will have – a total bonus!

Enjoy and have such a lovely day.

Much Love,

Ready To Be More Confidently YOU?

If you want to shift into a more confident you, I have a phenomenal experience I would love to share with you.

My best gal friend Katie and I just did a powerful workshop called Confidence Inside and Out.

 ***We talked mindset, beliefs, and actions to take to be your confident self.

*** Katie talked about stepping into the confident version of you and how it feels to be confident and what are the real feelings you desire.

***I talked about owning your personal style and dressing how you want to feel.

***We decided that since not everyone could join us in person but more women NEED this workshop that we’d offer it virtually.

***So you get the filmed sessions (we edited out some of the personal sharing.) and are sharing them with you.

*** You don’t get to go shopping with us and get those gifts (reserved for the in-person event). …however we did add some goodies

*** We threw in some bonuses for you like meditations, journal prompts joyful activities and a style guide for all your shopping needs.

You receive this workshop instantly AND have it for life!


Ready to be confidently you? Join us here –>    

Be Confidently You!

One of the things I love about my career is my ability to help people find their authentic style and feel confident from the inside out. Do you often find yourself editing who you really are to fit in? Would you like to learn how others have found the confidence to truly be themselves and live authentically?

 If so, my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Amanda Mausner is hosting a FREE online event on how to build confidence, break free from your fears, and create a life that’s completely on your terms and I’m excited to be part of it!

The Millennial Trailblazer Series is a collection of 21 impactful interviews with people who are blazing their own trail, sharing their gifts with the world, and living life on their own terms. The interviews cover what it’s like to take the path less traveled, undergo a career change, challenge your fears, and persist in order to achieve your goals. Plus, if you join in, each interview offers a special free gift for you!

In this series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Uncover what holds you back, master your mindset, and build your confidence
  •   Stop caring about what others think and stay fiercely authentic
  •   Discover your gifts and monetize your passion
  •  Plus so much more!

This free online event starts on July 19th and I don’t want you to miss out, so if you’re ready to really start defining what the terms of your life are for you, join now by clicking here!

Don’t wait. Sign up here!

Palazzo Bridal: Modern Yet Elegant

Jane White, knows what a brides needs for the most important decision they has to make; what to wear for her wedding. Jane, designer for Palazzo Bridal  located on Armitage ave. in Chicago, has the perfect mindset of giving her brides modern looks with a hint of grace and glamour. All her gowns are made in the U.S  with luxoroius fabrics such as silk, satin, organza, and lace. Jane understands the need for luxury and feeling glamorous on ones wedding day and applies that to the quality and craftsmanship she puts into each of her wedding gowns! Planning your special day? Stop by Palazzo Bridal and take a peek at what Jane has in store! 

Mixing Up Patterns!

Looking to add a little flair into your wardrobe? A style move that may seem intimidating yet very rewarding, is mixing patterns! This may seem like a big step for some, but there are ways to transition your wardrobe into the fun of mixing and matching patterns! First, is start off small by replacing a solid shirt of your outfit with a soft print! The next step would be knowing your neutrals; patterns can be used as neutrals, so using stripes and leopard print are a perfect way to add the pattern flair you are looking for! Lastly, playing with the same pattern but switching up the sizes can also be mixing patterns. Take a vertical striped shirt as well as vertical striped trousers with different sizing and it’s a classic sleek look!


Soft Patterned Blouse




Switching Up Sizes

Four Boutiques… One Look!

I just love boutiques! Maybe it’s the small-town feel of knowing the owners, the unique pieces they carry, or how great they smell (I think it’s a combo of all!).  I have been shopping at a few in the city that I can’t get enough of and had to share their info.

See below my favorite pieces from each store that create a great summer look!

Ruffled Eyelet Top From Cinnamon

White Gem Bracelet From Handle With Care

Step Hem Jean From 2 Penny Blue

Sofft- Somers From Click


Floral Everywhere!

It’s finally May and we can feel summer coming around the corner! In excitement for the warmer months ahead, adding touches of floral to your wardrobe will definitely put a spring in your step! Adding floral into you outfits with a full out look in a floral jumpsuit or just a touch with floral shorts or a blouse! Don’t be afraid to add contrasting pieces like necklaces, hats, or jackets into your floral look.

Floral Dress From Zara

Floral Ruffled Shorts From Zara

Floral Wrap Dress From Nordstrom

Going Gingham!

As spring is approaching full bloom, a fun way to fully embrace this great season is through the patterns you wear! Gingham is great way to mix up your outfits and play around with accessories! When creating an outfit with gingham, whether that be a shirt, pant, or scarf; pairing it with bright colored accessories or shoes can create a great contrast that is unique and fashion forward!

                          Pair It Like This!

             Gingham Top From H&M


How To Stay Stylish and Comfortable When Traveling

Spring Break is coming up, and with that means time off and fun adventures ahead! Whether you are going on a plane or road trip there is always a way to look and feel good with the outfit you choose! One of my favorite pieces, that is not only very trendy but super comfortable, is joggers. A classic black jogger goes with so many great looks such as a leather jacket, striped tee, and a cute sneaker! This look put together has a good amount of layers to transition into warm weather, if that’s your destination, and also provides a simple look that is plane and adventure worthy!

Leather Jacket from Express

Striped Tee from Express

Black Joggers from Express

Metallic Sneakers from Express



You Don’t Know How Much Your Body Will Change After Baby…

Having a baby definitely will change the way you see your wardrobe. But no need to be afraid to be stylish, because it is possible to regain your pre-baby style with your post-baby body!  Putting together cute yet comfortable outfits may seem difficult with the new body you will have to adapt too. To your put wardrobe styling at ease, here are a few must haves for your pregnancy and post baby bod.


This Nursing Shall is great throughout  your pregnancy and post baby! It is a staple piece that can be used in so many different ways!

                                                               Leather Leggings – If you have an event you want to attend and look quite sassy, these will do it! Even if you are going on a date night or event, very fun without the stress of hose/tights.


The Jacket can be worn for work or for play! This type of jacket never goes out of style!


Maxi Dress:  With a great stretch and not too clingy, this may even beat your leggings in the comfort department! If you are having to wear compression tights during pregnancy and after – having a dress like this is truly the best!


Nursing Dress :  This dress will take you from pre-baby to post baby. Wear with leggings if it becomes too short! You have the options of tall boots, booties, or sandals as well. A great basic that will give many options.





Stretch Jean – Just an easy (and comfortable) way to step up from leggings.  A nice way to look like you’re wearing an outfit, even if you have a simple Tee on!


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