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Closet Organizing Goodness

 Chicago Personal Stylist
Here is Step 1 of my 5-Step Closet Goodness guide. I had the amazing organizer, Carrie Kempler from Chicago Spaces In Order,  come into my house and it has whipped me into shape.  Although daunting, such a breath of fresh air to see areas of our place in a different (nicely organized way).
I’m not sure if it’s the “nesting” thing I have going on before the arrival of the new little bean, or simply just wanting to have everything looking fab.  (Perhaps  it’s both?!).
So this got me thinking…why not share one of my organizing tips that you can use in YOUR closet?!
I really broke it down to make it doable (& in a timely manner)!  I hope it’s super helpful to you & the goal is to make getting dressed easier because you can see everything…and have tossed what is just not needed/worn!
… link above to get your guide…..



Want the info of the incredible organizer?!  Here’s where to find her:
Carrie Kempler with Chicago Spaces in Order
Instagram: @chicagospacesinorder
Have such a great weekend!!
Much Love,

Get to know this Incredible Brand

Lilla Barn…. a clothing line 100% handmade in the USA!



I went behind the scenes to see how these garments were made & it happens to be by 3 incredible gals.  I couldn’t help but touch the beautiful & colorful fabrics! The silhouettes are just the coolest, not to mention the pieces are gender-neutral. Hello Fun!! When the quality is simply fabulous and they look precious on your little ones…how can you resist?!  Check out the line here:  Lilla Barn




Every garment is 100% handmade or handprinted in the USA 



Set your Outfit right

With the long weekend approaching…it hopefully means some summer weather is right along with it :o)
Either way, here are some ideas to set your outfit right proportionately no matter the temperature!

I always want to focus on what the feature is you love to show off. Do you know what yours is?   Your legs? Your shoulders? Your mid-section? I know we are so hard on ourselves…but you’re beautiful and I want you to show it!  (As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true!).

So if you’ve got a loose top, pair a slim bottom with it. If it’s your shoulders, wear an off-the-shoulder top. If it’s your arms, rock a halter tank. If it’s your legs, don’t be scared to bare them with a slit in a long skirt or wear some shorts!  It’s just best not to have everything all loose and “boyfriendy” looking or all snug as a bug on your body.  If your top is slim fitting, put on a high waisted skirt or pant that is a bit looser. And vice versa for the loose top with fitted pants, shorts, or skirt.

Below are some pics AND some SALE SHOPPING….Hello Memorial Day Sales!! Check them out.  (I was just at J.Crew and they had 40% off everything).  Shop online so you can enjoy the weekend!

(Click Photo to Shop)

A distressed skinny jean with a tank and a jacket can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion! Switch up the fabric of the tank and choose between a blazer and a jacket. And this is absolutely adorable with sneakers as well.

(Click Photo to Shop)

A flowy top paired with the dark wash jean and a stacked heel! Perfect for the summer! Just make sure whatever the bottom you choose that it is slim-fitting when you wear a loose top so you can show a shape.

As always, reach out with questions!

Much Love,

(Click Photo to Shop)


A Summer Pant Alternative

Chicago Personal Stylist                              Chicago Personal Stylist


Click Photo to Shop

The “jogger pant” is nothing brand new, but I have a lot of clients not sure of what to wear them with and if they are able to wear them.  I want to make sure you know that YES, you can wear them and below are some pictures that will show you how.

Some of you aren’t into shorts or skirts in the summer, so that’s where these comfy, airy pants come in! And even if you do love to bare your legs, this is just a great alternative for work and play.


Chicago Personal Stylist

(Click Photo to Shop)


The fabrics can be dressy or as soft as pajamas – take your pick on what style you want for your lifestyle.  Fit for joggers can be tricky if you don’t have long legs, but it’s just a matter of brand (& if they come in petite).  They can make you look short if there is too much fabric at the ankle, so opt for something that hit right at the ankle bone or a few inches above.

It’s fun to try a new fit and one that is not clinging to your legs in the summer weather is an added bonus!

As always, reach out if you have any questions at all.

Enjoy the rest of the week!!

Stylishly Yours,


Chicago Personal Stylist(Click Photo to Shop)


Connect with Me:

Mixing Prints

Springtime is upon us and that means new styles for the closet.  Don’t let all of the new patterns overwhelm you!  I have put together this short video to help you mix and match patterns, starting with a simple striped top and scarf.  Check it out below.  Happy Friday to you!



Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more tips and tricks that will have you feeling more confident and beautiful.  Click HERE  to subscribe.


Jeans Jeans Jeans….

I love when the questions come in on “what’s the best this? Or “who makes the best that?”  So here were my latest questions on great jeans I would recommend.

A good denim can change the way we feel & is such a staple to have for those casual days or everyday!

Mid and high rise are pretty spectacular because they elongate everyone’s leg – no matter your height/leg length.  I truly believe that having a jean hit right about the ankle helps create the length as well (it was always thought that it shortens you, but not the case).

If you have a pair of jeans that fit SO well, take them to the tailor or cut them yourself to get you that great hem right above the ankle.  And if you’re looking for a new pair of denim all together I’ve listed my favorites….From Target to Levis, to Anthropologie, to L’agence shop here:

Chicago Personal Stylist

Connect with me on Instagram for updates on how everything is going and I will let you know when any major changes and events are happening! I am so excited for my adventures and I couldn’t be more happy to have you guys along with me on the journey!  You can find me HERE!

With much Love,


Chicago Personal Stylist

Finding what fits your body type can be tough. I struggled with what was best for my shape and how to dress my figure for years. When I discovered what truly works for my body, it was like the missing piece to my dressing puzzle. It is the best feeling to know what works for your beautiful self and I want to help with that! I have created a FREE Shop Your Shape Guide just for you.

Chicago Personal Stylist

My Favorite People, Services and Products

Chicago Personal Stylist

This is a list I’ve started of people I use, services I love, and products that excite me.  If you ever have questions on any of these- please reach out!  And, I know I have many more to add, so please let me know if you’d like your service or product added to my favorites list, send it my way!

Click HERE to check out the names I’ve come up with.

I hope your Day is awesome & these resources come in handy.

With Love,


Chicago Personal Stylist
Chicago Personal Stylist

Event Happenings – FREE Services

Chicago Personal Stylist
Chicago Personal Stylist


I’m partnering with a newer boutique in Roscoe Village!  I’ll give my services for free and the store is offering 20% off their merchandise for the night!
What’s great is the incredible owner, Sandy, is capping the limit so everyone gets personal attention and it won’t be too crowded!
Let me know if you’re interested in coming – would Love to see you!

Chicago Personal Stylist

Transition Your Wardrobe With These Easy Steps


If you’re in the mood to really deep dive and transition your wardrobe for the warmer weather, I wanted to make it a bit easier for you! (If that mood hasn’t hit yet, just bookmark this for later)!
I’ve listed how I break down the process of a dreamy closet. It makes getting rid of things SO MUCH EASIER after filling out the Fashionably You Q’s.  No one’s judging just gives you an idea and a bit of a nudge to get rid of those pieces that are taking up space.
The goal is to make your mornings a breeze with a clean, easy to see, love-every-piece -kind of closet.  Take it step by step to not overwhelm. Even having a friend over or turning on some great music helps to move and groove!  Good Luck!



Fashionably YOU:





Go Through Each Piece

*Put away the winter pieces (heavy sweaters, etc.)
*Keep the transitional pieces out 



Have Two Bags
Recycle:         Bag 1: Donate   Bag 2: Toss    (A possible 3rd bag for alterations!)


 Make Shopping List: 

Replacements                 Needs                  Something Fun (try a new color maybe)






Organizing (Putting it all back)

Put Pieces In Categories

*matching hangers are best







    -you get the idea


Color code each clothing”section”


Have accessories more accessible and you will wear them more

Chicago Personal Stylist


Spring is Getting Closer – Here are the Trends!

Spring is getting a bit closer (well, spring may be here, but the warmer weather hasn’t followed yet)!  Included are some of the exciting trends for this spring/summer.
I try to make everything as “everyday person” as I can, so below are some tips and tricks on these trends that you will see in stores.
As always…look in your closet to see what you have possibly hidden in the back that you can wear without having to make a purchase.  If not, enjoy these looks and happy shopping!Pale Pink Lip Color – I always go for bright, but have already tried this color and love it! It will look great with any skin tone too!

Belt Purse – No it can’t hold a lot, but what all do you REALLY need on the move?! :o)  Not to mention you get to be totally hands-free.

Track Pants – LOVE and are comfortable! They can be daytime with sneakers or I’ve worn mine out for date night with a silk blouse and heels.

Pastels – Bring on those beautiful spring colors! So soft and beautiful, but can be “edged up” with a bomber jacket and booties.

Pencil Skirts – Not sure if they ever go away, but they are back “on” for this season.

Polka Dots – It doesn’t get much more playful than these!

Vintage Floral – Call me an old lady, but I adore big floral prints all the time.

Belts OVER Jackets and Coats – Go for a stretchy one or a long scarf! (Lose the belt that is attached, especially for trench coats!)

Plaid Blazers – Dress down with white jeans or up with a great dress pant.

BRIGHTS – Just think 80’s… and anything goes with mixing or wearing by it’s lonesome.  Total fun here! If it’s not your thing, NO worries :o)

Have you been needing to revamp your look and closet? Click Button Below and use Contact Me Page.  I can help…. Let’s Chat. 

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